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>What can you see behind the wall from this angle?

Errr, not much.

I'm just going to go take a look.

> Enough observation, go see who's piloting this ship.

It's going to be another me. I just know it. It better be twelve again and not something ridiculous.

If I turn out to be the Botfly I am seriously just going to jump off this sky… boat… thing.

Just right off!

See if I don't!

Past the first wall are three more.

Two large ones. One small. It's weird, but I'm on a flying house in a dream, so I just roll with it.

"Come on Piotyr."

Piotyr barks in agreement.

From behind the wall, someone says, "Earmuffs? Is that you again?"

It isn't my voice.

At first I'm just overwhelmed with happiness that I'm WRONG! It's NOT ME!

Then I realize that I recognize that voice. I've heard it before.


"Ah! There you are," she says, carefully placing the red ball she is holding down on the bench beside her. "Well, which one are you this time?"


it look very tasty



I'm leaving that one in. That one's on purpose.