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Hmm… no. That shouldn't be there. I don't know what should be there, but it isn't that.

If the disappearing people hadn't already given me a hint that something was up…

… this would probably have given me a clue.

Let's play follow the doggie!

Follow the dog.

> Go and get more cuddles from your cute doggie.

> Both the face and the tail on that dog are saying "follow!" Not a bad idea if you want to cuddle her more.

Piotyr barks at me. She apparently thinks that I am taking too long.

OK OK! I'm coming. Gosh!


Okay, five or six days later and I'm all caught up! And… how the hell have I not heard of this adventure before? It's got time travel/loops, eldritch beings, and dream shenanigans heavily involved in its plot, all of which I'm a sucker for (and, come to think of it given where I'm typing this, I'm likely not alone in being), not to mention beautiful art and some wonderful storytelling/characters. As I'm certain you've become accustomed to hearing, +1 reader!

…Now then, since I've been putting it off for the last hour to finish up this, I'm off to take my All Night Shower. :smooth:

Aaah! Thanks Flairina! As to the question 'Why haven't I heard of this?' I guess it's that I don't have much in the way of networking? That, and this forum isn't great for finding new stuff.

I know someone was planning on doing a forum adventures podcast? That sounded really neat.