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Keep taking deep breaths, and when you feel ready, open the door.

I'm ready now. I can deal with this.

I open the door.

>Piotr: appear

There is a blur and then beagle happens.

Ah! Ah ah!

Piotr: Slobber adorably.

Hello to you too! Ah! So lickey!

It's cute widdle Piotr and you're okay!!

So Lash DID take care of you huh? Did she take good care of you!?

Piotyr indicates that this is so in the time honoured doggy tradition of waggy tails and excessive slobbering.

Are you a good girl? I've been all worried about you since last time!

Have you been living inside my head and staying faaar away from that spooky giant zombie-you that wants to eat you?

Yes you have! Yes you have!

I wish I knew how you were doing this though, or even if any of this dream stuff is like… real and not just me being cuh-ray-zee…

Yes, yes, ok! More licking!

What? Hey! Come back.

What's up little dog? I cannot cuddle you if you're all the way over there!


, but the fight attendant,

Canadian airlines are rough.