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>Relationships at this age rarely last, for a variety of reasons. If not now, it would be later. You've got time to figure things out, this isn't the end.

>Silly girl. Relationships come and go, but education is for ever!

Oh suck it up Bina, you're not the only person with troubles. Your situation isn't unique or even unusual. I bet that sourpuss in the seat next to you has done the exact same thing.

Don't you think I know that!?

That's why I keep breaking up with her!

She wants…

She wants things I can't give her.

She's better off without me.

Is Piyotr there with you this time?

She was barking at something earlier.

I haven't seen her in a while.


Wait guys hold on I figured it out


Fuade has clearly been reading my notes…



Damn, I tried to answer the survey but found out my mind was completely blank. Maybe when I have less of a headache…

Eeets cool Medinoc. Whenever you get a chance. If that is never, that's cool too.

I have been really appreciating everyone's answers though. You are all the best.

Btw, I just finished your survey, Jack! I hope my answers are helpful to you. I tried not to ramble too much.

You were great musicalEmpathist! Thanks so much.