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Hmm? Oh.


Sorry, I just - I can't. I can't talk right now.

If I talk I'm going to - I dunno - break down completely, or start screaming, or explode into a million pieces, or - or something. I don't know.

I know it's not - I know I'm just making it up - I just - I have to watch this.

It's important.


I would totally fill out a survey!

I wouldn't at all mind filling out a survey for you Jack, even if it were a thousand pages long!

Yeah, I'll definitely fill a survey, for sure.

(Yes, surveys are fun.)

I would be very willing to fill out any survey you PMed to me, jack-fractal.

Yes to the survey.

So it seems like people are ok with the survey idea. Thanks everyone! You are the best.

OK, I was thinking I'd use SurveyMonkey, but it turns out that their free accounts only let you make surveys of ten questions or less, and there's no "I need one survey for like a week with 14 questions on it" option, you just have to go straight up 30$ monthly, which seems overly elaborate.

So I'm just going to low-tech this, and post the survey tomorrow in tomorrow's update. Anyone who wants too can take the survey and PM me their answers. I would do this tonight but I got started pretty late today, and I find myself in need of the sleeps.