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"All right! I get it! Now will you PLEASE lay down."

"But -

"Look, I don't want that thing to wake up any more then you do, OK? It is superbly bad news, I know, I get it. Remember all of my alter egos? They're all dead. No notes or journals from them, and all of that? And all of this it is, to be quite honest, scaring the pants off me. But, right now, you NEED to lay down, carefully, and let me finish!"

"I'm not -

"So here's the deal Bina, take it or leave it."

"If you lay down, shut up, and let me confirm that you are not in immediate danger of death, I will go up to the roof and grab my time machine, and we will keep going down this crazy rabbit hole together, but-

"That's all I'm -

>If Bina is even capable of sitting up like that, there's a very good chance that her ribs are bruised or cracked (like a stress fracture) and not broken. If she does have a broken rib, she needs to be way more careful, or else it's possible that she can puncture her lungs depending on the type of fracture. Kendra should probably get a look at the actual skin (poor Bina) to see how bad the bruising is.

"BUT! If I find that one of your ribs is floating, or shattered, or your sternum is cracked, we are going to the subway, and we are getting you some help. The goddam botfly will just have to wait. OK?"


Go Jack, go! You can do it! /Cheers you on!

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