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>So … Bina's in really rough shape. Now might be the best time to find the Moment and take a couple weeks there to heal or something …

She looks like she needs it.

>Bina: Activate BEAR powers (aka fall asleep)

She also looks like she's falling asleep.


No response.



"You can't go to sleep. We can't stay here."


"I'm going to pick you up, ok? Are you hurt?"



That gets a smile.


"Bina, that's not particularly helpful."

"Mostly my chest. I think my ribs are broken."

"How did -

"A door fell on me."

"A door fell on you. OK, no, don't explain. How many of your ribs are broken?"


"Don't say 'All of them'."

"Most of them?"

"All riiight. Ok. Well, we're gonna just go really slow? Here, I'm going to get you now. Tell me if it hurts."

"OK. It's ok. Aaah. I can walk, you know?" This sentence comes out a bit mushy.

"You absolutely cannot. Can you hold onto my neck?"

"Uh huh."

"OK, here we go."

>Kendra: Pick her up and drag her through the mud and to the building in a callback to [post=7507736]this[/post] scene.

"Don't drop me."

"I won't drop you."



(Rereading the whole thing for preparation for my own forum adventure!)
Edit: I have once again made the rookie mistake of reading this in the middle of the night. Why.

Hurray for new adventures! Make sure to link it when you start!