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Oh so it hit her chest?! Jeez, it's a wonder she's alive, hopefully she only suffered a couple broken ribs, but… Ugh. This does not look good. Time for emergency measures, whatever they may be.

She's glad it didn't hit her head, or she'd be unconscious.

Or dead.

Probably dead.

The mud probably slowed the door a bit. She's not sure about the ribs. They might be broken, they might not. No way to tell without inhaling, and that's not really an option right now. They hurt though, a lot.

The mud is thinner here, more watery and warmer then the mud near the tunnel entrance. There's probably a sewer or storm drain dumping into it from outside from somewhere.

Still, she can't breathe it, and that's going to start being a problem real soon. The initial impact of the door on her chest knocked the air out of her, and now the door is parked their, an enormous weight on her sternum.

She is going to have the most spectacular bruises.

If she doesn't die.

Actually, she'll still have the bruises even if she does die. She saw that on CSI. Corpses can get bruises. It's a thing.

She is having a real problem staying on topic right now.

Her left arm is trapped, half under the door, bent, the wrist inside, the rest of the arm outside. It feels cold and wrong somehow. It might be broken.

Her right arm is free, inside the building.

The floor feels like cobbles. Badly maintained cobbles. A particularly nobbly one is poking her in the shoulder-blade.

The door is heavy. They were using a pulley to move it up and down. A pulley she broke. It's thick, and feels like a wall, but it's not solid, which is good because otherwise she'd be two separate Bina's, neatly bisected at the rib-cage.

Horatio is going to be here in a few seconds.

>Bina: Release the green and hope for backward travel?

She'd try that.

> Put your fear and pride aside and ask Horatio for help. Drowning beats existential terror, sorry.

Or that even, but she can't. Her hand is covered in a glove, she's under opaque mud, and she's got no air with which to command anyone.

Hah! She was so worried about drowning in that pipe back there, but she didn't. It was scary but she got out. Don't worry though, 'cause now, like, an hour later, she's going to drown here!

The idea strikes her, for some reason, as hilarious. Everything she's done is so pointless! She has to bite her lip to keep from laughing.

Laughing now would be bad. Very very bad.

If she were laying the other way round, with her feet on the inside, she could wriggle out of her suit. It's lose enough. But if she did that, she'd be trapped inside the building, with Horatio, without any boots. Better then drowning, maybe, but not by much.

Whatever she does, it better be good, and she better figure it in the next second or so, because she can feel the mud around her shifting and swirling.

Horatio is almost here.