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>You can do this! Tarzan duck and roll!

Yeah! She can do this! No problem!

Get under the door as much as possible. You'll need to have at least your legs and torso out from under the door, since you can move your arms out of the way quicker. Then drop the door, possibly on Horatio, but even better if you just cut him off. He might just make two Horatios if the door chops him in half.

She tries to get as much of her out the door as she can, but the chain keeps trying to pull her backward, and she's half floating in the mud.

With no leverage, and no time to adjust her position properly, she only just manages to get her legs through the door before her much abused fingers give out.

The chain rattles, then blurs.

It almost works.


Psst, did you maybe quote the wrong quote in the last update? You start talking about fuse boxes, but elementaryMydear's quote was about Bina being short and leaving?

Ack! Thank you! It was the OTHER part of elementaryMyDear's post that I wanted. Merci!