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>Got any barrels?

She does not. In the absence of the traditional option, she grabs the closest heavy thing that it looks like she can lift. It turns out to be a… soooomething? A cash register? What is a cash register doing down here? Whatever! She tosses it through the nearest window.

The breaking glass sounds incredibly loud in the unnatural stillness of the drowning factory.

The noise appears to be enough to wake Horatio from whatever existential crisis had him dithering about at the bottom of the stairs.

He begins to climb the stairs. He does this in the same way that he does everything else, which is to say horribly, and with a maximum amount of twitching and groaning.

> In through the window, go downstairs inside, and out through the bottom window, which'll hopefully leave our friend searching for you inside and let you at the very least put some real distance between you two.

Seconding this!

3rding that. Hopefully it's dumb enough to waste it's time.

Bina, for her part, decides that it's time to follow the money and dives after the cash register through the window.

As she slips inside, Bina thanks the gods of hazmat, not for the first time, for the great blessing of reinforced and rubberised fabric.