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> Run to the camp but say that if they have to split up again they'll meet here again.

"We should go together!"

"But -

"It's not safe. He's dangerous. Besides -

> Go to camp. You still have to get that X-Ray gun, don't think we've forgotten.

- there's useful stuff there that I think we can use."

"All right! All right! But quick, we have to grab our supplies first. They're all over the floor."


Kendra moves quickly, grabbing supplies from the floor and shoving them into the backpack.

"Quick, fill one of the flash-lights with batteries. We'll need it to get to camp. We can leave most of these hot… pads…"


But there is nobody there.

"No no no, you crazy little bastard - you didn't."

But she had.

"Hey! Big ugly arm-guy! Yeah! You! You looking for me!?"

"Bina! What are you doing!?"

"I'm sorry! We don't have time to go back to the camp! I've got this! Don't worry! Just build the time machine!" she stops yelling at Kendra and returns her attention to the approaching Naught. "Come on you Big Funny Arm Weeny! Catch me if you can!"

And she runs.