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So I guess it's study time?


"OK, but I don't know if this'll have what we're looking for. I mean, I think it's mostly a rebuttal of -

"We won't know until we look, will we?"

"No. What are you going to do while I'm reading?"

"Figure out our supplies. Are you carrying anything?"

"Uh -

"Aside from the book."

"No, I don't - wait, yeah, hold on. I have some quarters and this."

"Where did you get that?"

"B12 gave it to me, before remember, along with the paper-clip?"

"When did this happen?"

"When we were chained to the wall?"

"Uurgh. Don't remind me. Why aren't you wearing it?"

"I didn't want it to get broken, so I've been keeping it in my pocket. Then I sorta forgot about it."

"So its… wow, it's 8:15. That's good to know, I guess."

"I guess."