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Bina? Is there any situation that you can think of which might cause you to kill off your other selves? It might be a good idea to list them.




OK, if it were the only way to save someone else? Or, no - I mean, ok. Like, yeah, to save other people, then she'd do it.

Maybe. Probably. I mean, she'd hope that she'd do it to save other people.

But why didn't she tell the other herselves?

Like, if B5 was going to accidentally do something really bad, like really really bad, then - but she'd tell them - us - me. She wouldn't hide it. She'd say 'Hey! stop!"

And even then, if she had to do it, she'd be like, "I had to do this, because otherwise there'd be really bad stuff."

Did she really do it? Why?

"I don't think there's anything down here…"

If she did it, she wouldn't hide it.

"I mean, nothing useful."

Would she?