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"God dammit!"


"Nothing! I just - it's nothing. I'm OK!"

"OK! Don't yell when I'm on the ladder next time, please, I nearly had a heart attack."


>Knowing Bina, she's going to be upset, but she can't get caught up on how things might have been. We tried our hardest to warn Elizabeth how dangerous Gregor was with the information we had. Just think about this note, and think about how B12 thinks. She expected you to read it as soon as you got it. So if you have any other interactions with her and she tells you she left stuff for you, go grab it as soon as you can and look for a note.

Yeah, next time she's shaking anything that B12 passes onto her until notes fall out. Of course she'd leave a note!

I'm guessing that Thing was what killed B12.

>Just having Kendra along IS changing things. B12 up to B4 seem to progress systemically and logically, and acting logically makes them predictable. B12 expected you to read the book, starting at the start, and working your way to the end. B12 expected you to go for the gas-mask and your own potential safety over the security of a total stranger. Although you may have lost Elizabeth because you didn't read that message, you've also stayed alive, you've kept Kendra alive, and you're out of Gregor's hands. These are all good things. Kendra's on the right track. Do something crazy.

Yeah. Yeah, can't get distracted.

She turns to the first page.

B12, for once, doesn't mess about.

"I am writing this journal for my successor because recent events have convinced me that B3 has, systematically and repeatedly, been leading us to our death."


Also, I remember she left something else for us somewhere. A box that was outside somewhere. But I don't remember where in the story we learned that, so I can't go back and look up the details.

It was [post=7586447]here[/post]. There are a couple of other useful tidbits in that note as well.