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"I'm going to check downstairs, ok?"

"Sure! I'll be here!"

Read a bit of the start. The later parts will probably build on what's outlined in the first section. You'll need to know it for what goes next.

Hmm…. The first page seems like a good place to start.

Or it would be -

>Flip through it once and look for any obvious notes from B12, or pictures. If nothing stands out, read the first page to see how it starts. THEN flip through it and stop on a random page. That's how I'd do it, at least.

- if someone has pasted a sticky note over the first page. It is covered in her own familiar handwriting.

It reads.

Hey Me!

So getting this notebook too you, while avoiding any Observed areas, has been a bit of a nightmare. You'd better appreciate it!

I kid, I kid (but seriously, this truck was really hard to track down!).

Assuming our time-lines match up at all, and you're in the truck while reading this, you have about half an hour before Elizabeth returns your call.

Don't fall asleep! And when she does call back, get her to flip the crane to automatic and then RUN. I think if you do that, some really really nasty stuff won't happen.

Other then that, I won't try to tell you what to do. Eleven tried that with me and it just made a mess of things. We're looping, but everything changes each time. This situation is all the worst parts of time travel with none of the benefits! Hurrah! Weee!

I could go on, but this is getting pretty long, and I have a Thing I need to go do.

Wish me luck,

- You


Lol, I think it was Wolftamer that said that, not me, but I'm curious how that turns out, too.

Argh! Yeah, sorry. The text document yesterday got pretty incomprehensible. Fixed!