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Now comes the time where Bina and Kendra must decide. Are they in real life, where the authorities must be contacted, or are they in a story, in which plot must happen?

"Bina, we're not equipped for this."

"I know! But -

"I mean, Bina, there are people who - and man, I cannot believe that I am the one arguing to leave this to the cops but this - but there are people whose job it is to deal with this kind of crap. We need to get out of here."

"Stop saying my name like that!"


"Like I'm some stupid child who doesn't know what she's talking about! I know we're not equipped for this. I know! But this is happening! This is for real. We're not playing here. We're not pretending. There are actual for-real monsters and you've seen them and what makes you think that the cops or the army or whatever has any way of dealing with them?"

"Because that's what they do!"

And they're both on their feet again, and Bina can't quite remember when that happened.

"Aaargh! You know what I mean! This is back-from-the-dead time zombies! And a dog that is somehow two dogs and also maybe a dream. It's not just some person with a gun or whatever. This is honest to badness monsters! Can't you just trust me?"

"I want too, but -

"I know I'm right about this. I know I'd hid it in the lab. I know it down to my bones. If I can't trust myself I - I've done this thirteen times already Kendra. Please."

"But," says Kendra, in the tone of someone disarming a bomb, "Maybe the reason you've done this thirteen times is because you make the wrong decision here. This decision. Right now?"


Also, psst, you put "Jully" on that map. Also, Celedon Jungle is an extremely awesome name for shady government people to give this place.

Aaargh. I was thinking 'juillet'. Thank you. *fixes that*

Also is it supposed to be celedon or celadon?

It's supposed to be with an A! Aaargh. Thank you! *fixes that*

Who wants to know the ending of All Night Laundry? Simply open the spoiler below.








GASP! How did you know!?

But for serious, this is fantastic. Thank you!