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"Here they are. Uh, can you come here? They're sort of a handful."


"So it looks like they were printing these off. They're like… I dunno. Like daily planning documents for the different sectors. See? They have the dates on them. I just grabbed what I could get so I got a bunch of copies of Sector Four from last week, and nothing for sector Six at all. I haven't really had a chance to go through them much, but I, wait, where's the one with the overview, ahah, ok, think we're here…?"

"Sort of here. In this unexplored bit. If that building over there is Building 52, and I think it is, then we're just north of Sector 7."

"Sector 7 is the one with the one with the subway right?"

"Yeah, that's this bit labelled "A-4C" here, I think. But there's a few big no-entry zones between us and them. The description on the Sector 7 pamphlet says that it's several collapse buildings with, uh 'slippage', whatever that is."

"That sounds… ominous."


"Maybe we don't go in there."

"Sounds like a plan! I think we should avoid it if we can. Which, assuming that nothing weird happens, we can. See? We can go around it this way."


"That takes us away from the direction that Gregor was going and toward the subway. Hopefully the Naughts are still looking for you over that way and we can slip by and -

"Uhhh… about that."


"I'm - I'm not sure we should head to the subway."


This sounded fun. Hope it's awesome enough? Fanart-ish below.

Aaaah! This is so cool! Thank you so much xooxu!

I love the design of the arm. Very cool. Looks like she's running away from a hospital in that gown.

Thank you!