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> Yeah, if so, try to figure out what the safest path would be. Keep in mind Gregor might be along the safer paths, so it's a toss-up in terms of what's safest in this case.

"I guess we should figure out where to go."

>Bina: there is a good view from here, lets see if we can figure another way out

Sort of curious to know where Gregor was taking that dead body.

"Right, yes. I've got the maps. Hold on. I left them with the backpack."

"I wonder where he was going…"

"That's the way you came from, right? Toward the tower?"


>Bina: Maybe they were herding you towards something? What was the building you trapped them in?

"So maybe he's going wherever the Naughts wanted you to go. Somewhere that way."

"Eeeeurgh. That's not a comfortable thought."