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> Sneak over closer to better hear what he's saying.

Without waiting for a reply, Kendra worms her way to the edge of the roof. Bina, after a moments, thought, follows her.

>Gregor: Do not notice the people on the roof. Do not pass go. Do not collect 200 murderdollars.

Dang, he really is talking to himself!

Gregor: speak to the corpse. Politely explain your plan to it in appreciation for its sacrifice. Do so loudly, thoroughly, and in detail.

“Is ok. Really. I know is not maybe looking that way for you right now, but do not worry. What is this? Yes, you are dead. Mmmhmm, and is very sad. I know! But there is no need to be being so upset. The Green Lady, she just goes like this -

He makes a sucking noise with his mouth.

- and none of this things have happened, see? I have not killed you, or the police-men, Piotyr is alive again and I have not hit my uncle with a shovel. Oh, he was so mad! You should have seen him. But this will not be a true thing anymore either. None of the bad things will be real. All washed away. You'll see.”

“You'll see. Like pebbles on the seashore. All washed away.”