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Nothing is more spooky than absolutely nothing happening.

Yeeeeeep. This isn't ominous at all.

> Take a closer look at that big X. Did you or Kendra make it? Is it new or old?

Kendra made it. They'd only had a few seconds because the Wigglers had been pretty much on their heels, but she'd been adamant about marking the building.

Bina's not sure why. It doesn't make it any more visible or anything. It's the only garage around here and it's not exactly easy to miss. Not even in the dark.

It's mostly dried now, but still clear and visible, even from a distance.

> Call out to see if she's nearby.

The quiet is getting to her, she doesn't want to shout but she risks a loud whisper.

And again. Louder.

There is no response.


there's an "excited" that should probably be "exited".
Unless Bina's actions have thrilled the pipe so much that it is on the edge of its seat, that is.