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> Using your flashlight is not such a horrible thing. Shure it's low on batteries and might attract the creatures, but if you have to use it then go ahead and do so.

Yeah, but she'd rather not use it if at all possible. She's going to need the batteries on her way back to the garage where they had determined it would be the best place to link back up with Kendra.

Bina hopes she's got a map. This place is a maze, and staying down here with the Moaning Wigglies is not a winning move. Add to that, she has no idea where Gregor or Not-Piotyr are, and that is giving her the heeby jeebies.

> Climb the rubbish. It doesn't seem that high anyway.

Eeeeeeh, it's like, maybe ten feet? At it's lowest point? That's not that bad. Assuming she doesn't trip and get a nail through her eye.

That would not be good. She enjoys having eyes, and also she uses her brain for being alive.

> There's a few loose planks to the side there that look like they don't have any nails. Maybe you can use them?

Oh! That is a good idea.

She can use these to distribute her weight across the loose stones.

Oof! They're heavier then they look!

> What if you take the big plank with nails in it, lay it up as a ramp using the nails to grip the wall, and crawl up slowly so you don't slip? It's either that or use your flash-light.

And you Mr. Plank Covered In Nails.

You are scary.

You can feel free to not be sticking up like that any more.

OK. That looks pretty good.


Pfft, following reader suggestions is overrated, especially if there's symmetry to be had!

It totally worked out!