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> Make sure you put the suit back on before investigating the noise.

Good idea.

She shrugs back into the suit, moving slow and careful so as to not make any noise.

Kendra is in a small bathroom, there's nowhere to run to.

Which is just fantastic. No where to run. No weapons, except the flash-light.

She'd better not draw attention to herself.

With fingers suddenly clumsy and chilled she fumbles for a second with the light before finally finding the switch and clicking it off.

The sound outside seems to grow louder in the absolute darkness.

Then, with the exaggerated care of someone handling high explosives, she braces herself and then eases the door open a centimeter at a time until it is wide enough to look out.

From her limited vantage, she can see nothing.

Nothing moving at least. Just the plastic side of the bio tent.

But the noise continues.

A wet sound, and laboured, like that an asthmatic might make, trying to suck air through a garden hose.

Like that, but broken, staccato, uneven.

And in the gaps between breaths, a kind of low overlapping rhythmic clicking.

Mechanical perhaps, or insect-like.


> Carefully peek outside to see what it was. No sense being uninformed.


Okay, I wasn't able to get on here yesterday, but what's so scary about a black square that has everyone flipping out? Existential void comparisons notwithstanding, but I doubt that that would create such a immediate negative response.

I suspect that this is caused by it being a gif, and the rest of the update are png files?


I dunno. Can you see other gifs?

Also, this is unintentionally hilarious and spooky.

None of the last two days of this thread must have made any sense to you at all. Everyone is just freaking out about an empty panel.