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> Wait! Don't take it out yet. Make a tourniquet with the cloth first!

Bina doesn't think that would be a good idea.

She's alive, which means that she hasn't hit an artery. She also has no idea how long it will take to get to a hospital from… wherever she is right now and tourniquets if left on too long can result in lost limbs. That's if she could even get it tight enough, which she doesn't think she can with only one hand and her teeth.

She does tear the scarf into two pieces.

It's thin cloth with a subtle pattern of flowers. Her grandmother always loved her scarves.

Bina feels momentarily guilty about tearing the beautiful scarf, but reminds herself that Granny was the most deeply practical person she's ever met. Granny wouldn't even think about it.


Ok. No more fucking around.

She grabs the wire, takes three big breaths.

And pulls.

There comes the blood.

She ties off the first of the two makeshift bandages as quick as she can.

Now the wrist.

You're better off not taking it out too fast. Although the pain will be gone faster you're also more likely to damage something. The trick is to pull it out quick-ish but careful.

This one has to be slow. There's too much wire on the other side to just yank it through, and the hole is right where the long bones of her palm meet the tiny bones of her wrist. Going to quickly could tear something.


So we go slow.

Bina pauses. Panting and shaking.

This is worse then she thought it was going to be.

A lot worse. She only got maybe a third of it before she had to stop.