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So what are you up to, Kendra? Are you trying to find Bina, specifically B13?

She's not looking for her right now. The point of this whole endeavour is to put some distance between them.

> So where is your destination?

The tent she was in before. The one with all the corpses.

They find themselves in terrible need of directions. Finding your way to the camp is easy. It's the only visible landmark. Even with the lights out, it's got a giant hole in the ceiling.

It's hard to miss.

But navigating the rest of this mess is a nightmare of twisted alleys, impassible piles of junk, and collapsed buildings.

So Kendra is here to pilfer them some maps.

That… and Kendra really wants to grab the x-ray.

Kendra wishes that she'd had some way to test Bina's theory earlier.

Specifically, she wishes she'd had some way to test it before walking into a tent containing like… two dozen actual bodies of genuinely real dead people.

Because if the fearless little nut-ball is wrong about all this, things are about to get really interesting really fast.


This made my day!