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>Bina: survive? Do commands even do anything right now?

It is some time later.

Kendra is alone.


Woo awesome! Bina falling reminds me of Japanese ink drawings, for some reason. Neat!

Thanks Tronn! She does kinda look like that. Hmm. I think it's the billow-ey cloth.

Amg, this is the first forum adventure I've read after joining this forum. I still have NOOOOOooo idea is going on with all the time shenanigans. I thought B1 and B2 died because they didn't write anything on the wall behind the painting but they're alive! I'm just uuurg this adventure is too good to be true!

Dang it, I wanna do a command, but never done something like that before ahahaha. *Watches events unwraps for now*

Aaah! Thank you for your nice words. You should check out the other adventures! They're really good!

And you don't need to feel intimidated about posting suggestions. It's ok if you don't want too, but nobody is going to judge you or anything if you do.

Thanks for reading!

No fair! Gregor should not be able to safely wield such a watch without the proper top hat and steam-powered monocle!

I'll bring that up with him. Sartorial consistency must be observed.

Thinking of that, we're close (so close!) to a bit where you guys are going to be able to choose clothes for some of the characters.

I should… yeah, actually I should probably get started on that soon.


This is probably just me not being able to find it like a dingus, but when did chapter 6 end?

You're not being a dingus.

I am the dingus.

It is me.

I 'ended' Chapter 5 twice. The chapters transitions are, like, entirely messed up. And the lengths are all different and aargh.

They're not even really chapters? They're more like Acts?

I dunno. The structure of this adventure is very confusing, even to me.

Also wooo! Pixel art! Woo!