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"Are you sure?"

"No, it is just that you said that we do not do this thing until after -

"It is not that I do not trust you. It is just that the more we change things, the less of an advantage we -

"All right."

"No, no, it is good. I will do it."

"That many? The watch, it will not -

"Yes, of course. I understand. I will call them right away."

As Gregor begins to obey, the itch in Bina's arm gets worse.

Much worse.

In seconds, the twinges and itching she had been feeling for several minutes are replaced with a burning sensation, as though a thousand fire-ants had decided, all at once, to make a concerted effort to try to chew through her skin.

This happens at pretty much the worst possible time.


Wait, isn't this comic supposed to be interactive?
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