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> Shout out, asking if she made it.


The wind tears her voice away.

There is no response.

Rain splats sideways against the rubberized fabric of Bina's suit as the gondola swings through the column of rain.

She's fine! She's totally fine. She's not dead. She's not dead. This is going to work.

The gondola hits the end of its parabola and starts falling back toward the support scaffolding.

She had told Kendra two swings. Two swings. Right behind her.

"You better be all right Kendra, or I'm going to - I'll - I'll be really mad at you."

At the end of the first swing she shouts again. This time she thinks she might hear something, but if the response exists at all, the wind has torn it to shreds, rendering it unintelligible.

"You better be ok!"

One more swing, and then the jump. One more swing. As the gondola reverses direction for the last time, Bina climbs onto the railing.