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"I'm not jumping 'till YOU jump. Come on!"

"Oooh god. Not fair!"

> How close are you to the metal now?

"How close do you think we can get?"

"Not much closer! We don't want to hit it!"

"Just remember to climb down when you grab the scaffolding. I don't want to smack into you and make us both fall. OK? Climb down when you grab on. I'll be two swings behind you."

"Oh god, I really don't want to die."

"Then don't! You can do this. You barely have to jump. Just reach out and grab it! Come on! I'm right behind you."

"Ooooh god. Ooooh god."

Kendra jumps, right at the apogee, but it's impossible to hold the flash-light steady and Bina loses track her instantly in the dark as the gondola whips away.


I'm comparing two different angles here, but if I'm right, with the way they're swinging, they should be smashing against the metal by now.

The thing they're swinging towards is in the red, they've got quite a ways to go before they're within jump distance, let alone banging into it.

Well spotted curiousTerminal!

The perspective here is a bit hash. We probably shouldn't be able to see the front of the bio-tent, as this is supposed to be slightly over 90 degrees to the right from the previous view of this scene.

I'm fudging spacial relationships a bit here because I wanted to be able to show them swinging.

Man I love this story, did I mention how much I love this story.

Thanks Zylo! That is super nice of you to say!