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Sing! To keep your nerves down, and to keep time. Swing!

"We should sing something, you know, for rhythm?"

"Yeah, ok. What?"

> Start getting a good rhythm going. Maybe sing a song at the tempo that you want to swing to help keep in time.

"Do you know the lyrics to 'It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing?'"


"Me neither!"

"This'll go great then!"

"Oh it don't mean a thing if it ain't got that -

After half a dozen verses of mostly nah-nah-nah, Bina shouts "I think it's working!"

Her arm has really started to itch.

"OK! Now lean."

Kendra grabs her and they both lean hard on the railing, then bounce off and lean on the other railing. The wind and rain whips through the air and, above them, the metal rungs holding the cable in place screech and hum.

Bina spits hair from her mouth and dreams of hair elastics, not for the first time.

Kendra: Swinging the gondola is far more terrifying than you anticipated.

"Ooooh god, I'm starting to get kiiinda nauseous."

"You better not be, you're going first and I am not slipping on your puke!"