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"OK, so how are we going to swing this thing?"

"We have to shift our weight back and forth, so, I guess we lean on one rail, then the other rail and see what happens."



"I just had a thingy!"

"What thingy?

> Plan: Formulate.

"An idea thingy! What about those?"

"What about what?"


"Bina, more then half the lights are out, I can't see what you're pointing at."

"Here, gimme the flashlight, I'll show you."

"How 'bout I hold the flashlight and you just tell me where to point it."


"I'd rather not play around with any more of the green stuff unless we absolutely cannot avoid it."

"But the light only comes out green if I hold it in my right hand."

"And how did you figure that out?"

"By accident, mostly. I was sort of experimenting while you were taking your shower."

"Are you - I mean - are you doing it on purpose? The green thing? Like when you shawn the light on Gregor?"

"What!? No, it just happens."

"Hmm. Only your right hand? Does that happen with anything you're holding?"

"I dunno, maybe? I've seen it do weird stuff to computer screens and tv's, but I just tried it with the flashlights."

"Well now I'm the one with the weird idea."


WAIT! Before you do that, just verify that the X-ray gun does not generate some kind of wacky thrust or a Green-rainbow Bridge or a pocket of Slowed-down Time when used in your botfly hand.

"Something about x-rays. Remind me about it later if we survive this. Where is this thing you're talking about?"

"There! See?"

"Oooh ho. Yeeeah. I see what you're getting at. That might work."


What about the portable x-ray? They don't have it. It's still in the bio-tent. The one who saw it was Kendra and up 'till now hadn't had the "light emitting objects in proximity to Bina's hand emit unlight" thing explained to her.