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> You feeling better?


Not really.

While she's not unconscious anymore, Bina is feeling distinctly crappy right now. Her arm hurts, with a dull pulsing pain.

> is the blood still there?

Check where the snakes bit you

look at your arm :O

Which spikes into fantastic amounts of agony as she sits up.

[size=10]See? I told you she was still alive.

Hrmph, for now, she is bleed all over, and is tiny girl. Tiny girl not much blood. If she pass out again? [/size]

Everything goes grey for a second but she does not pass out again.

She keeps her head turned away from… whatever it is and looks down.

The wire is still embedded in her arm.

>Try and stop the bleeding

First, you must stop the bleeding. Shout your defiance and use the snake/cord as a tourniquet.

There's no way she's going to be able to stop the bleeding with the thing still in there.

Despite what it looks like right now, she knows it's not wire. Having it touching her is making her skin crawl. Just the idea of having it under her skin, is making her feel nauseous.

She's going to have to pull it out.


This is going to suck.