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>Make sure you have rope, by the off chance the gondola stops half way with you on it you'll need a way off.

Called it. They don't have rope, do they?

"Dangit! I knew we needed rope! You always need rope."

"Well we don't have any."

How big are those hazmat suits? 5 feet long or so? Tie them together and you will get about 22 feet from the ground, Cut off the sleeves and you could make it even longer. At least long enough to safely drop down.

Anything to fashion a rope from?

"We could tie our hazmat suits together."

Don't do the hazmat-rope thing. You'd have to give up some length for the knots anyway, and they'd never be able to bear your weight. Trust me, I know a thing or two about knots, lace is nothing but knots, and waterproof synthetics are just too slippery for you to trust.

"Wouldn't be long enough, and this fabric is slippery."

"It'd still be better then falling all the way."

"Enough better?"

"Eeeh, maybe?"

"It looks pretty far."

"How far?"

"Take a look!"



"I'm not looking! I - I know it's irrational, but I just really hate heights ok? I don't even like going out on second floor balconies, and I know that doesn't make sense it just - it makes me really nervous. So this is like, this whole situation is already going to be years of therapy already so just, no. OK? No. Just tell me how far it is."

"Maybe ten metres? Thirty feet?"

"Ten metres?"

"About that."

"So thats 9.6 metres per second acceleration due to gravity, right?"

"Uhh… yes?"

"Ten metres means about one second of free-fall. That means… thirty five? Forty kilometres per hour?"

"I'll… take your word for it."

"That's survivable."

"Really? You haven't seen Elizabeth."

"So she's…"

"Extremely dead."


"Like, emphatically dead. Very… very incredibly dead."

"I get the picture."

"You… really don't. You're not seeing - why did I ask her name? This wouldn't -

"Bina -

"I - I think I'm going to be sick."

"Hair! Bina, watch your -


"I'm sorry. I'm disgusting."