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>Maybe you should hug, on general principles.

"Just… sorry."


Talking would be good. Give Bina something to focus on besides her rage; seriously, anything would be a better thing to talk about right now.

"Um… I don't - I don't want to worry you but we're kind of in trouble."

"I know! I know we're in trouble Kendra! I'm sorry! I don't know what to do! She's talking to him Kendra!"

"Uh, ok, yeah that's bad, but I didn't mean like that. I meant, like, RIGHT NOW."


"Well, good job with breaking the controls box. Good job, really, but uh… the crane is up there."


"I mean, this isn't an elevator. These controls here. The ones I'm using? They're controlling the crane. The crane holding us. The crane that is up there. Up where Gregor is."


"So he could, I mean, if he knows how to use a crane, he could like unplug this control box and just, you know, use the crane controls. To pull us back up."

"Of course. So we're screwed."

"Maybe not! He might not think of doing that! Or he might not know how to use the crane. Or he might not know how to disconnect these controls."

"Uh huh."

"Of course, even if he doesn't know how to do those things, or if they'll take a while to figure out, he can always just shut down the -

- power."

> How long until you're both down again?

Above them, the purr of the diesel engine sputters and dies. The gondola sways slightly as it stops moving, ten metres above the ground.


I would like to compliment you on your perfectly crafted facial expressions. Bina has that look of being angry and frustrated and tired but mostly angry and she's taking it out on something but it's not all that satisfying and she's not really seeing the thing in front of her. Kendra has that perfect mix of concern and surprise and wondering if she should do something to help or if that would just make it worse. A picture really does speak a thousand words, and you managed to convey these feelings on their faces perfectly. Well done good sir!

Thanks! :)