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[size=10]"OK, when I get to three, cover your eyes. One, two -

"Bina, are you sure about - [/size]

"Three! Ha HA!"


> Go and shine it in his face

>Bina: Mesmerize Gregor with the green light.

"Um… this thing."

I don't think it will mesmerize Gregor. It only seems to dazzle someone once.

Both Bina and Kendra are proof of this phenomena.

"I think it is not doing the thing you are wanting it to -

It does however screw with electromagnetic devices…

"Now Kendra! Go!"


>Kendra: Get you guys OUT of there

Bina & Kendra: descend

The gondola swings back and forth as the boom stops moving, and then, with a hiss of unspooling wire, it begins it's slow descent.

"Ha! Take that you jerk! You're not killing anyone else today!"

"Bina, please don't taunt the murderous psychopath! At least until we're further away!"