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[size=10]"Bina, keep him talking, I have to check something. Shout if he starts pressing buttons."


…Has Gregor been doing this just as many times as Bina has? Maybe he gets to remember, though. Courtesy of the Green Lady? Or maybe because previously he's been winning?

wait wait wait, how did he know that the wire would break?

> Wait, repeat that bit about throwing the button box down the hole and the wire breaking. that part worries me.


Gregor looking kind of adorable here worries me more though

Does Gregor have scary time woo woo powers also?

"Gregor, can you remember? From before? Like, all the other times this has happened?"

"Ah, no. This I cannot do."

[size=10]"Oh thank god."[/size]

"But the Green Lady, she remembers. She remembers everything. She is the telling me things about how things are going happen so I am knowing what is happening before they are happening. So, I guess it is sort of like I am remembering."

"It is like an hour ago. She tells me there are police officers out front of Laundromat because it falls down. There are two of them. This is bad. Very tricky when there are two. I am worried. But then the Lady, she tells me that one of them, he is drinking many soda's at dinner and he is not having time to take break before he gets call. At 6:54, he is going into alley for to make relief and woops! Suddenly Gregor is there!"

"Then there is only one. One is much easier."

"Oh," says Bina. Not knowing what else to say to that.

"Many times it is like this."

"Right." Crap. Crap crap. Crap crap crap. That does not sound good.

>And what does he plan on doing to you?

"What… what are you going to do with us?"

"The Green Lady, she says you are her most special friend. I am to take you to see her. She very much wants to meet you."

"And… Kendra?"

"Ah, well, that is not so good. See? She is supposed to already be dead. Not good she is still here. Very messy. Very bad. Do not worry. I will fix."

Do the controls on the gondola work? or only the remote control Gregor has?

[size=10]"Bina, screw whatever this guy is saying," whispers Kendra, "The controls on the gondola are still wired. I think we can go back down."[/size]