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I ask her if she can help me, because she always seems to know what to do. She says she wants too, but no.

No, Little Bean. Not with this. Granny is dead, remember?

Nine years from now, in a grocery store, a stroke.



I tell her that I think the snake bit me, bit real hard, and that I'm bleeding pretty bad.

She says that she knows, and that I'm going to have to do something about that soon.

I tell her that I'm scared.

> Hug.

Oh no, no Little Bean, don't cry. Not right now. You don't have time to cry.

And she gives me her scarf.

And then Piotr is licking my face, licking the tears away, and I -

Wake up.


This update was originally going to be part of the last update but that would have been somewhere in the area of sixteen images in one update and I just couldn't do that much in one day.

Interactivity returns to normal from here.

Dang that last panel was a bit of a struggle. I've been drawing for eight days with my tablet pen in my first. Holding it 'correctly' feels wrong.