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>Bina: Is it really your handwriting? The text reads more like something a physicist would write, not you.

Yeah, it looks like her handwriting. It even sounds like her writing. Sorta. She just has no idea what any of it means.

Well, aside from it being pretty clear that previous-herself really didn't trust long-time-ago-herself, which is concerning for a variety of reasons. What reason would she have for lying to herself?

Outside, as they are now, the storm is more intense. In the distance, thunder grumbles to itself, low and persistent.

Bina: stow that book away before Elizabeth can get a good look at it. You don't want it confiscated. Also, make note in the future to put any immediate information you need on that particular page for future Bina. Short hints or warnings would go well there.

She decides to hide the book. She may not have understood it, but she'll be danged if someone takes it from her before she has a chance to read it.

The gondola remains stationary. The rain spatters down. Thunder rumbles again.

"Heylo? I'm going to swing the boom now? It makes the gondola rock back and forth a bit so hold on! OK? I think the only thing worse then what is currently happening would be if I had to also explain that, in addition to everything else, I accidentally dropped one of the intruders a hundred feet to their painful and messy death. So I'm looking for an 'OK, we are holding on!' here."


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