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"I think we need to go there."

"The… factory? Bina, if you're right, that's where the Botfly is. We need to stay as far away from that place as we can."

"But I think it's where the Moment is."


"Because if I were going to hide something, that's where I'd put it. It's the only recognizable place down here."

"That doesn't make any sense. Besides, the note from before sort of implied that the Moment was a time, or maybe a place. You can't hide those."

"Tell that to the thing in the Thermos."

To that, Kendra has no reply.

The coil of wire above them creaks. The rumble of the crane's diesel engine grows slowly louder and the rain hammers down on the metal roof of the gondola.

The smell changes. The overwhelming stink of the mud, all burned meat and sickly sweet, fades, eclipsed by the clean smell of rain and turned earth.

You might want to tell her what you saw, regardless of how weird it may seem. Considering everything that has happened, I don't think [strike]Kendra[/strike] Bina would be too skeptical or look down on you, and it's better to be safe then sorry in case something does come of this.

"Bina, I think that you - "

"I know, I know - I'll sit down!"

>Journal time. Make sure you don't touch with your green-glowy hand.

> Yeah, let's read the journal.

"I should probably read this thing anyway."

"But we're almost at the top."

> The journal, Bina, the journal! You nearly broke your hip to get it, c'mon, read it like there's no tomorrow!

"I know I know, just, like, one page."