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They look up.


"There's a latch!"

"A what?"

"A LATCH! On the gondola! You have to sort of wiggle it."


"Make sure it's CLOSED before you start moving!"


"And don't hit any of the BUTTONS! I'll do it from up here!"


Bina wiggles the latch. It pops open with a heavy thunk.

> Well, get in. It can't go badly now.

They both step inside.

"Did we ever get her name?"

"I don't think so."

"We should get her name."


Bina steps back outside and shouts, "Hey! What's your name?!"


"I asked, WHAT'S your NAME?"

Team: Gain a third party member


"Hi Elizabeth!"

"Hi! Can you get on now?"


Gondola: be frighteningly rickety.

"Don't move too much!"


"Don't move around too much! There's no guide-wires! If you move around too much it'll swing. That's BAD!"

"Oh! Right! OK!"

Bina gets inside and closes the latch.

She leans out and shouts, "We're good! You can move us now!"

There are several seconds pause and then, with a lurch, the gondola starts moving upward.

"So, I'm guessing that this is the point where I should mention that I have a little thing about heights?"