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> Snack on the seeds.

"Are you seriously eating those things NOW?"


> Maybe it's too soon to celebrate, but you won't get a lot of chances. Have a toast on water, granola bars and pumpkin seeds on your way up!

"You want some? You should drink some water too. You're probably dehydrated. Here."

Bina hands Kendra one of the bottles of water. Kendra takes it, uncaps it, then pauses before taking a sip.

"But we're getting out, right? So what's the hurry."

"Yeah, maybe, but then what? You think they're going to let us walk away? With what we have in the thermos?"

Above them, the gondola slowly crawls its way downward.

"The thermos?"

"It's where I put the time-shard thingy."

"Oooh. I'd wondered where that went."

"I mean - assuming this goes right, and we do get out - they might let you go. Maybe. But me? With my arm the way it is?"

"I… hadn't thought about that."

"Really? 'Cause I haven't been able to think about anything else."