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It's before the fight again, but after Granny told me about the monsters.

I pick up my drawing and then we go sit on the chair by the window.

Piotr comes too.

Where did Piotr get that green snake?

I don't know if she brought it with her, or if I did.

We all sit for a while.

Ask grandma if the real monsters take your cookies

I ask her if real monsters take your cookies away from you, and she says no. Not normally. Normally, the cookies are safe.

>Bina: Prepair.

> Ask your Grandma how to prepare for the monsters.

I ask her how I'm supposed to prepare for the monsters because they're really scary and they're all bigger than me.

She says that you prepare in lots of ways, but mostly by not second guessing yourself and by noticing what goes on around you. If you think you're in trouble, you probably are, even if everyone else says that you're fine.

I don't really understand, not then, but I nod anyways.

And I remember.

Then we sit some more.

I show her my picture. She asks me what it's a picture of, and I tell her it's a monster. She doesn't seem surprised.

She tells me its a funny sort of monster. All scrunched up like that.

I tell her that I think it's a lot of different things all in the same place at the same time.

She nods, and says that makes sense.

We sit a little more.

I tell her that I think I'm in trouble.

Right now.

Like really bad trouble.

She says that she thinks so too.