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So, who was that on the phone?

>Inquire about the phone call. Are they sending down the "gondola" or what?

"So what happened? Was that what's-her-name again? Is she coming? Is she letting us out?"

"Yeah," says Kendra, "But she couldn't phone her boss."

"Why not?"

"She said the external phone-line is down. Apparently they can't keep anything electrical working properly anywhere nearby, including the phones. She wanted to go to her car and grab her cellphone, but I convinced her to come get us out of the hole first."

"That's good, I don't want to stay down here another minute!"

"It is, and she says that it's not unusual for the phones to be down, everything is always breaking, but…"

"But cutting the phone-line really sounds like something Gregor would do?"

"It really does."

"Where did we leave our useful, convenient, and above all heavy walking sticks?"

"I left mine over in the tent with all the shoes in it."

"Lets go get those hmm?"

"What an excellent idea."

Above them, with the loud coughing sputter of a diesel engine, the gondola begins its slow descent.

"Oh thank god."


>journal: look oddly like the Tardis.

It is TARDIS blue. I could not resist.