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> Quick now, reach over and check the glovebox, all these lights going out don't bode well if horror movies have taught you anything. Get whatever there is to get, then hurry out and head back over to Kendra. Another thing horror movies teach well is that staying separated is never a good idea.

Crap. She should have brought one of the flash-lights. They're in the backpack and Kendra has the backpack.

"Yes yes, ok. We won't run away - no, look, we just - we just want to get out of this hole, ok? We think -"

Bina starts trying to pry the glove compartment open. It is wedged shut with a piece of metal. A break shaft? Part of the door maybe? Bina knows nothing about cars.

She gives up on prying. Her hands aren't up for it. Even with gloves they're in no shape for this.

>Are you SURE this is the right truck? I mean, there's more than one truck in the world.

Eurgh! If it isn't this truck that B12 was talking about she'll have done all this for nothing. No, it HAS to be this truck.

She switches to her boot and starts kicking.

"Yes. OK! Just come get us! OK? Yes. We'll be - Yes! Just come let the elevator down."

Another pause. Bina keeps kicking.

"The gondola! Whatever! Just get us out!"

The shaft snaps.

Hurray for boots!