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>In case any weird mojo happens be prepared to drive a truck at a moments notice.

Bina braces for weird shenanigans. If the previous night had taught her anything, it's that weird stuff always happens when she's doing something potentially dangerous.

But this time, the weird shit holds off. For the most part.

The rain has made the fabric slippery and she loses her balance just as she swings inside.

She thumps against the door of the truck cabin as the sound of the phone outside cuts off.

"Hello? Did you - "

A pause.

"What? Uh, that doesn't sound good. No, really. You need to call - you don't understand, there's this guy and - ok."

Bina manages to get mostly upright in the belly of the truck. It stinks of mildew and rotten leather. The waterlogged fabric on the ceiling of the cabin squelches as she leans against it.

The swollen muscles of her hip and knees twinge. She flinches, and decides not to move for a few seconds.

Outside she hears a pop and a hiss.

"What? - No - Yes, I'm still here. Just another light going out."


Kenra's invites further explanation,
I think you might have left a word out

You are correct! Merci!