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> Are there air pressure or breathing mechanics involved? Or just the suits? If there are any air filters or anything, work those out first, then go in feet first. I think the actual hazmat suit is like a jumpsuit? Zips up the front middle?

"Isn't there supposed to be a filter thingy? I distinctly remember filter thingies from movies."

"I think these ones are supposed to just work with gas-masks."

"And we…"

"Have no gas-masks."


"To be fair, if breathing this stuff in was going to kill us, we'd already be dead."

"I suddenly feel SO MUCH BETTER."

"I thought you might. Here, we should do this one at a time."

Several complicated minutes of fighting with zippers and duct-tape later.

"So! I think this sorta works? You think this works. I mean it's not ideal but - and you're laughing at me!"

"No I'm not!"

"You totally are!"

"A cough! I just coughed."

"I hate being little."

"It's really not that bad! You could maybe roll up the sleeves a bit."

"Har har, yeah, yuck it up. It's your turn."

"Wait, before we do my suit can you get these handcuffs off me? They're really starting to chafe and see? I found another paper-clip."