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"Those the curtains?"


>Oh, well, if you did want to check out the truck, you should do it before help comes. I doubt anyone will be understanding about that.

"We should get the journal now. I mean, before anyone comes."

"Yeah… that's probably a good idea. Tricky to explain. But you should put on the suit first. You really don't want any more cuts."

"No I do not."

"God, these are pretty heavy."

"There's a table over by the tent. You could drop them there."

"Aha, a table," says Kendra, setting them down, "You know there was a skeleton behind these? In the tent?"

"Oh god, was it Kate or Josh?"

"What? No no! It was one of the bodies. The old bodies. The ones they found."

"Oh, was it really gross?"

"Not really. The other bodies though… they're pretty gross. I looked through the files."

"Urgh, how gross is gross?"

"Pretty gross."

Behind them there is a pop, a flash, almost like that of a camera. They both whirl around.

One of the lights goes out.

"You think that was us?" asks Kendra.

"I dunno, maybe."

>Well no point delaying it. Put on the suits!

"Lets just get those suits, ok? I'll feel better once we're wearing them."

"Yeah," says Bina, "Yeah, good idea."