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are unicorns real? i bet unicorns aren't real

Unicorns are real! Nah nah nah! I can't hear you! Because of how lying you are!

ask your granny how she knows monsters are real also ask her if she knows how to scare them

> Well, have you met any monsters?

She tells me that she has met them, many times, but that she didn't let them win.

Baby-Bina: Put on your armor. Your wizard armor. You are now the hero who fights bad monsters. AND SLAUGHTERS THEM.

> Ask how to keep the bad things from coming to get you.

Ask Granny a charm to ward off monsters, a saying
Maybe your grandma is that grandma a few people ever get to have, who's magic

I ask her how she beat them! Even the vampire-ghosts who are the WORST. Did she use do wizard magic? Can she show me? Can I learn wizard magic too?

She tells me no. She tells me that there are no shortcuts for monsters, no magic charms that make them go away, because real monsters are beaten the hard way or not at all. You beat them by being smarter, or quicker, or luckier, or better prepaired then they are.

I tell her that a magic spell that made them explode would be WAY better, and she agrees.

And then she gives me some milk.

> go talk to mommy

I do. When granny and I are finished talking and she gets up and we are going to go to the zoo. But we don't go to the zoo because Mom and Granny fight instead, and Dad takes me out onto the balcony.

>What did they say when they were fighting?

I try to draw more and pretend I cant hear what they were saying but I do. Even on the balcony.

It isn't the shouty fighting it is the talking fighting.

That's the worst kind.

"You do NOT tell a six-year-old that MONSTERS are real. Especially not a six-year-old with an anxiety related sleeping disorder! Were you trying to scare her to death?"

"Scare her to death? That's what YOU'RE doing, with your silly notions that monsters aren't real."

"Mom, she's afraid of ghosts, and vampires. And crazy things she sees on TV. This is not the same thing."

"Is IS the same thing. You're telling her not to be afraid because monsters aren't real. You know what that teaches her?"

"Mom it's -"

"It teaches her that if monsters WERE real, that she'd be right to be afraid of them. Is that what you want for her? For her to ALWAYS be afraid? Because that's what you're teaching her."

"She's afraid of the dark and you - "

"And then what happens when she meets a real monster? Because she will, you know she will. We ALL meet monsters in our lives. Maybe not the vampire-ghosts she's afraid of now, but everyone meets their monsters. It's part of being human."

"I just want to keep her safe. I want her not to be scared anymore. Can't you see that?"

"You can't protect her from the whole world. What if she MARRIES one of them? What then? At best she will run, that's if she even knows what's happening. She'll think she's crazy because YOU taught her that monsters aren't real. "

"Do you want that? Do you want her to run? Do you want her to let them eat her? Do you want that?"

"Mom, I -"

"Or, when they come, and they WILL come, do you want her to FIGHT?"

They go on like that, for a long time.


I'm loving these updates. They're awesome.

Thank you! I am really glad that people are liking them.