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> We just couldn't find them anywhere.

Whatever you do, DON'T mention the spooky woo woo hand, or they will never help you get out of quarantine.

"We found um, we found some uh -

"Evidence of a struggle?"

> Well… We found Blood…

"We found some evidence of a struggle in one of the tents. There was some blood, and stuff knocked over."


>Mention the fresh blood in the tent, but be reassuring. Not enough to kill someone from blood loss.

"Not a lot! But some. On the floor."

The person on the other end makes no reply.

"They left their suits."

"What?" There is a stutter of static, "I couldn't hear that, the filter ate it."

"They left their suits! There are three suits in the tent with the skeletons."

[size=10]"There are?"

"Yeah, they're on the other side, behind the flappy thing."


"Three? Oh, right, the spare. Ok. OK. Look, I - I have to - I -

>Well, you see, there's this possibly crazy Russian guy with unknown motives who has been known to hit people with shovels and tie them up.

> It may be time to mention a certain unhinged Russian man.

"Listen, there's this guy! He worked in the laundromat. His name is Gregor."

"He kidnapped us and tied us up in his basement. He's really dangerous and we know he's hurt other people too. We think he's down here with us somewhere. He's got to be the one who has your friends! You have to get us out!"

"I have to call this in, ok? I have to call this in. You need to - you need to get the dust off of you ok? There's a hazmat shower and -

"We found that!"

"We're both clean!"

"Oh, ummm, right, ok… you should get inside. Yes. Get in one of the tents."

"Uh - we can't answer the phone if we're inside."

"Then put on the suits! I need to call this in. I am calling this in - I'll call you back in five minutes."

If there's a quarantine and you can't go up just yet, ask if they can send someone down. Preferably someone with medical experience.

"Wait! If you won't let us up, can you send someone down? We're pretty banged up here and we could use some water."

"I'm alone here! It's seven in the morning, everyone is asleep! Look - I'll call you back."

"Right. I guess we'll just stay here then."

"Don't touch anything!"

The line goes dead.

"It's a bit late for that last thing."