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> See if any of the bodies would be what was bleeding there.

Noo, doesn't look like it. They're all just sitting in their trays.

This doesn't feel real. It feels like a movie set.

Why would these bodies be here? Wouldn't they move them to the surface? We've got to be missing something.

From what little I know of crime shows, it's not a gunshot wound because there's no splatter*. Other than that, a pool would suggest a steady source dripping over time, probably dripping down from something.

Double check there's not a body hanging above you, just to be safe.

Looks clear.

That would have been exceptionally awful if it had been true.

But it isn't. No hanging body.

Just the blood.


As for Bina, stay within earshot, and call out every once in awhile to make sure she's still there and doing ok, but don't look unless you think there's a problem. That system seems to work pretty well for bathroom breaks on camping trips, and should do fine here as well.

"Hey Bina! You ok?"

"Yes! I'm fine! No need for you to come out here! All good! Please! OK?"

"All right!"