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> How secret is the secret of what you're drawing? Will we secretly see this secret? Or is the secret too secretive?

Its. A. Secret!

No peeking!

is it a big green monster

Or guessing!

>Hold Piotr.

She's too big for me to pick up! Also she's not really here right now.

> What monsters?

We don't talk about monsters right away. Granny tells me that mom says I'm not going to sleep when I go to bed. She says that mom told her I'm scared all the time.

I don't want to talk about this AT ALL so I pretend that I'm REALLY interested in drawing and then maybe she'll go back to crosswords.

Come on little bean, she says, what's bothering you? Why are you scared all the time? Is it because you got sick? Are you worried you'll get sick again.

I got sick before. Last year in the spring I got really sick.

They said that if they gave me the medicine they gave other kids it would make me even SICKER because of allergies so they gave me different medicine. The different medicine didn't work properly so I had to go to the hospital and stay overnight.

They put things in my ears because the sick got in my ears and my head felt like it was going to explode! They told mom that if they didn't I might not be able to hear anymore.

It hurt A LOT. I have decided that I'm not going to get sick anymore in my ears even if though they gave me icecream after.

I stop pretending that I'm not hearing Granny now.

Pretending hardly EVER works. I tell Granny that I'm not scared of being sick again I'm scared of monsters getting me when I'm asleep.

> Exposit about the scary monsters. Preferably not giant big ass scary as fuck TV snakes.

Do the monsters shoot lasers out of their eyes? Can they walk through walls? Can they fly?

Are the monsters scary? Can you defeat them?

She asks about the monsters too! So I tell her about the monsters like vampire-ghosts, and goo monsters who suffocate you and bad dead things that eat you.

And I tell her that I KNOW they're not real but they still make scared when it's night time.

Then Granny asks my who told me that they weren't real and I tell her that MOM and DAD told me like a MILLION times.

Then she tells me that they're wrong. They're trying to be nice to me, and stop me from worrying, but they're wrong.

Monsters DO exist and they are very real.

This is what Mom and Granny fight about all afternoon.